Hermes SDR as spectrum analyzer

I was fussing about signal generator output accuracy because I wanted to calibrate my HPSDR Hermes software defined radio (“SDR”) so that I could calculate the absolute power input in dBm, assuming a 50 ohm load impedance) based on the dBFS (db full scale of the ADC chip) output from the radio. This is in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse, where as part of the HamSci 2017 Total Solar Eclipse HF Wideband Recording Experiment I’m planning to use the […]

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John’s New Geekblog

I’ve intermittently had a blog running at for years now.  I used it mainly as a logbook of experiments, and it wasn’t intended to be entertaining for visitors.  I recently discovered that the blogging engine I used was hopelessly obsolete, so I’ve moved into the 21st century and installed WordPress for the new, improved John’s Geekblog.  If I can recover them, I will also upload some of the more pertinent posts from the old blog, just for my reference. […]

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