Update on Update on P25 Scanner


Since my updated post on building a P25 trunking scanner with a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR dongle, I’ve created a copy-and-play image file that gets you up and running in minutes.

I’ve put it (along with a couple of other RPi image files) at http://febo.com/pages/os_images/. The filenames are somewhat long, but modestly descriptive so you should be able to figure out which to download.

Once you have the file, unzip it and copy to an 8GB SD card. Put that in an RPi 3, attach an RTL-SDR.com v3, and adjust the configuration files to your liking, and you’re on the air.

5 thoughts on “Update on Update on P25 Scanner”

  1. Dustin Bening says:

    Just wanted to send a thank you email for the raspberry pi image and related walk throughs, seems like a few things have changed since the writing of them but it helped greatly and made for a clean install. Much appreciated Thank You

  2. Skyler says:

    I got the image installed and set up audio, wifi, preferences, etc. I updated the config files to match my needs, however, when starting the program it flashes onto the screen and then disappears. I’m not seeing any errors just a flash of commands and then just disappears. Any ideas?

    1. n8ur says:

      Hi Skyler — it sounds like the program didn’t launch from the startup script (rx_cmd.sh). First thing I’d do is manually enter the command line that’s contained in rx_cmd.sh to see if you get an error that stays visible long enough to see (the problem with the shell script is that it exits and closes the window as soon as the command returns, so you lose whatever error message might show up). I’d also look at the log file (should be stderr.2) to see if there are any errors shown there.

      I’d lay odds that you got a typo in the trunking.tsv script — all fields need to be tab separated, not spaces. And you need to check for matching pairs of quote marks where used. It’s really easy to mess those up.

      Good luck!

  3. Dustin Bening says:

    I’m having problems similar to Skylers, the only way i can get trunking up and running is if i only change the NAC and frequency in your trunk.tsv file if i erase any unnecessary lines in your file it starts then disappears. Also i’ve tried for a few days to get a talkgroup .tsv file to actually work and have not had any luck.

  4. Skyler says:

    So i got it working the next day after posting. I did have something going on with the trunk.tsv. It was working good enough but when I raised the sample rate it got so much better. Honestly, I can’t believe how well this works considering $500 scanners have so much trouble with simulcast around here.

    Dustin, when you erase his info try making 100 percent sure that there are no spaces following the last bit of text. I kept having errors and couldn’t figure out why until I went to the last letter of text and held the delete key down until I was sure there wasn’t anything after that and it worked right after that.

    To the OP thanks, I would have had a lot harder time getting this working on the PI and my desktop if it weren’t for the image you provided. Now to get darkice or some other streaming g software working as well..

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