Pinouts for FTS 1200 9110 1000A-100 1000B OXCO

I rediscovered a post from Corby Dawson with pinouts for the DB9 connector on the above OCXO and wanted to preserve the info here.  Thanks, Corby!

    1000B                1000A-100         1200 and 9110
1   EFC ground           EFC ground        EFC ground
2   EFC +- 10V           EFC +- 10V        EFC 0 to +10V
3   coarse wiper         NC                NC
4   +12 pot ref. (10K)   NC                NC
5   Ground               Ground            Ground
6   oven mon.            oven mon.         oven mon.
7   +28V oven            +18V oven         NC
8   +28V elect.          +28V              +28V
9   case ground          NC                NC

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