TASS System enclosure

Several of the design projects I’ve done for TAPR were part of a larger concept I’ve been working on for several years: a measurement system that will allow me to compare the pulse-per-second (PPS) outputs from a bunch of test devices against one of several reference clocks over long time periods (sometimes a year or more). A key part of that system is a “multiplexer” or switch matrix that allows selecting one of several devices under test (DUT) and reference sources. My TASS computer controlled switch is at the core of the multiplexer.

Here are photos showing front, back, and overhead views (click on the images for larger versions). The box contains 4 TASS switches, an Arduino mega2560 processor, and an 8×8 matrix LED to display switch status. The switches are configured to allow any one of 16 DUTs to be selected along with any one of 8 references, with the outputs being routed to any one of four time interval counters. The 2U rack enclosure was fabricated from my design by Front Panel Express.




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