Update on Update on P25 Scanner


Since my updated post on building a P25 trunking scanner with a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR dongle, I’ve created a copy-and-play image file that gets you up and running in minutes. I’ve put it (along with a couple of other RPi image files) at http://febo.com/pages/os_images/. The filenames are somewhat long, but modestly descriptive so you should be able to figure out which to download. Once you have the file, unzip it and copy to an 8GB SD card. Put […]

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Shrink/Expand Raspberry Pi Filesystem Images

This post documents a few tricks I found useful when making SD card images for Raspberry Pi projects, to minimize file size and download times while making full use of the SD card space. These instructions work for Raspbian Stretch images; not sure about older or newer versions. The first time a Raspbian system boots, it runs a program to expand the filesystem to use the full size of the SD card. So, when you are using a Raspberry Pi […]

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