Update on Boring Signal Generator Stuff

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more boring (reference my last post about signal generator calibration… I did all these careful calibrations of my signal generator to check its accuracy and linearity. Everything looked good, except that the signal reading was about 1 dB low. HP power meters have a calibrator providing a 50 MHz signal at 0 dBm that is (supposedly) very precise. I have a total of four meters with those calibrators, and I decided to cross […]

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Boring Signal Generator Accuracy/Linearity Data

UPDATE: it turns out that my “best” power meter was actually about 0.5 dB off. See my later post for further details. I want to calibrate my software defined radio receiver prior to doing a bunch of recordings of the ham bands for the upcoming solar eclipse (check out the HamSci web page for details). I have an HP 8642A signal generator which has high-precision attenuators and should be a very good reference to measure recorded amplitude vs. actual. Unfortunately, […]

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