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TADD-3 Enclosure

by n8ur

Just finished the second piece of my multiplexed measuring system. This one isn’t too sexy, but is a necessary part — a pulse-per-second (“PPS”) distribution system. This enclosure contains 4 TADD-3 PPS distribution boards. Each board has 2 sets of 3 outputs, plus 2 RS-232 level outputs. So, there are 8 input connectors on the rear, as well as 4 DE9 connectors (the PPS signal is on the DCD line, and I’m only bringing out the RS-232 signal from the “A” side of each board). Once again, the enclosure was fabricated by Front Panel Express.

Note to self for future reference — the inputs are set to TTL-level voltages (pulled to 5V through 4.7K).




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