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GPS Survey — First Results

by n8ur

Now that I have my GPS antennas permanently mounted on my tower, I’ve done a first set of measurements to determine the precise antenna location. I collected data for 48 hours on three receivers (Trimble NetRS, Ashtech ZREF, and Ashtech microZ) and fed the results to two processing services (Opus and NRCan PPP). The ZREF receiver had some sort of problem and generated a lot of bogus data, so I am not including its results here. Here are the outputs from each service for the NetRS and microZ, using the “rapid” orbital data (the “final” data will be available in a week or two and I’ll update this post when it is, but the difference will be small).

NetRS39 4x 4x.64309-84 1x 4x.50114248.344281.541
RMS: 0.025(m)0.006(m)0.007(m)0.013(m)
microZ39 4x 4x.64288-84 1x 4x.50088248.356281.553
RMS: 0.024(m)0.007(m)0.015(m)0.007(m

NetRS39 4x 4x.6426-84 1x 4x.50052248.382
microZ39 4x 4x.64264-84 1x 4x.48363248.347

NOTE 1: I’ve deleted a few digits in the middle to make ICBM targeting more difficult.

NOTE 2: Opus results are NAD83(2011); NRCan results are NAD83(CSRS) (2019)

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