$20 P25 Trunking Scanner (Part 2)

Here’s how to install the OP25 scanning software. If you don’t already have Gnuradio installed on a Linux system, do those two things first.

Any current Linux distribution works. I use Linux Mint which is very similar to Ubuntu.

The easiest way to install Gnuradio is to use a script from the SBRAC radio astronomy group called build-gnuradio. Click on the link, then save the contents of the browser screen (easiest way is to select everything on the web page, then copy that into an empty file and save as “build-gnuradio” in your home directory.) Open a terminal window, make sure you’re in your home directory, and enter “sh build-gnuradio” (without the quote marks) then hit return. You’ll get a couple of prompts, and then the computer will start downloading, building, and installing the gnuradio system. This will take time — maybe a few hours — so be patient.

Once Gnuradio is installed, you can download and install the OP25 scanner software. You might want to look at the OP25 Project page first. Then:

1. Install a couple of program packages that op25 needs. On an Ubuntu or similar system do:”sudo apt-get install libitpp-dev libpcap-dev git” (without the quotes.

2. Now download and build the software. From your home directory, run the following commands in a terminal window:

cd ~
git clone git://op25.osmocom.org/op25.git
cd op25
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

3. When finished, you’ll have a directory called op25 that contains the software.

In part 3, I’ll describe how to configure and run the op25 software.

5 thoughts on “$20 P25 Trunking Scanner (Part 2)

  1. I got to where it asked,
    Send success/fail info to sbrac.org? I hit Y It says thanks, and just sits and does nothing..

    1. Hi Dave —

      That message sounds like you’re building the whole Gnuradio system from scratch. If you downloaded my RPi image file, you don’t need to do that — Gnuradio is installed and ready to go. You should just need to run the “scanner/rx_cmd.sh” script to start it up.

  2. It’s a bit hard to help without knowing more about your setup and what you’ve done to configure it. My posting was about a ready-to-run SD card image that you just pop into an RPi and run. The advantage of that is that it’s known to work so all you need to do is localize the config file.

    Since you seem to be starting from scratch, you have a wide range of possible problems. 🙁
    You might get better info from the op25-dev mailing list on Yahoo.

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