HP 5065A Status

My faithful HP 5065A Rubidium standard, which had been converted to a “Super” model, developed an intermittent sickness and back it went to Corby Dawson for him to perform his magic.  After a realignment and fixing an intermittent connector ground, it’s back in the lab and working well, though minus the “Super” components — Corby found it was working better without than with them.

This post is to provide a baseline status of the unit’s performance.

I set the frequency against the HP 5071A-HP to within a couple of parts in 10-12. Here’s the C-field setting and plots showing the offset and ADEV.



2019-02-27 09.15.37


Here are the meter readings:

Lamp Oven20Cell Oven23
Osc. Oven41Photo I31
5 MHz22Control4
Error02nd Harmonic42
1 MHz34100 kHz0

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